Personalized Communication

At LevelOn, we know that the needs and behaviors of each customer are as unique as their interests. With personalized communication, we help your company to send only the relevant communication to the right customer at the right time.

We combine multiple channels for our managed personalized communication services to help eCommerce companies achieve an enormous level of engagement that can boost their sales.

The power of targeted personalised email marketing.

83% of online customers say they prefer emails as a form of communication channel to receive information from businesses. We supercharge your customer communication with emails that are beautifully designed and have targeted offers that your customers will love to see in their inbox.

With targeted email marketing we can boost your sales with personalised offers, re-engage your old customers and grow your brand with segmented marketing campaigns.

SMS text messaging straight to your customers phone

SMS text communication remains the number one form of mobile communication available right now, with 95% of all text messages read within the first 5 minutes of being sent.

As an eCommerce business, we can help you reach your customers faster and directly on their mobile phones with updates on their orders or to send them personalized offers that they will not afford to miss.

Connect via
Facebook Messenger

South Africa alone has over 22.8 million users on Facebook and this number will continue to grow, with at least one million people added to the platform each year, according to projections.

By adding Facebook Messenger to your list of communication channels, you can reach your customers directly where they spend most of their time with personalised offers that won’t feel like an intrusion.

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